Jooyasun ABM

Activity based costing, budgeting and management system

To improve your business in competitive world you are faced with questions that traditional accounting systems can't answer them.

Jooyasun Activity-Based Management (ABM) empowers you to find the right answer of these questions. It provides detailed information about activities and cost flow in your business.

By Jooyasun ABM you can :

  1. 1- Accurately calculate cost of products or services and details of cost of each activities using Activity-Based Costing (ABC).

  2. 2- Predict resources required to access target products or services using Activity-Based Budgeting (ABB).

  3. 3- Evaluating and comparing different scenarios in order to change products or services.

  4. 4- Lead your business toward profitable business segments by making strategic decision about unprofitable segments.

  5. 5- Make decisions about pricing, products, resources allocation and budgeting.

  6. 6- Increase agility of business processes and identify potential problems and improvement opportunities.

  7. 7- Do what-if analyze in different parts of your business or your goals.

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